one of the most famous Italian DJane, Producer, Remixer. Meet the Top Italian DJ/Producer EVO-K! DESTINATION TOUR 2015. House, Electro House, Big Room, Progressive House & Vocal Power House DJane-producer and scene leader. Kam aka EVO-K has been the highest performer in the Top 100 poll. Electro House, Big Room and Progressive House producers, dj producer, dj set, djane, djane producer, djanes, djs producers, electro house females, electro house dj, electro house producers, evo-k, evo-k deejay, evo-k dj, evo-k djane, evo-k djs, evo-k italy, evok, evok deejay, evok deejays, evok dj, evok djane, evok djs, house music, italian deejays, italian dj, italian djanes, italian djs, italy's best dj, italy's best djane, kam canini, remixer, top 100 dj 2014, TOP 100 DJs 2015, top dj, top djanes, top italian dj, top female DJs. In 2014 EVO-K won the Dj awards for best italian Dj. Djane EVO-K Italian Electro House, Big Room, Progressive House DJane/Producer. Listen to EVO-K hits through the iTunes and Beatport Top 100. Discover the Top Italian DJanes, the Top UK DJanes, the Top German DJanes, the Top American DJanes, the Top French DJanes, the Top Dutch DJanes. List of the most Famous Italian DJ's & Producers. EVO-K: award-winning DJ, producer, music lover, DJMag Top 100. Dj premier best producer. Check the EVO-K official BEATPORT releases (album and singles): Hit Mania 2015, Paris Blohm & Taylr Reene - Left Behinds (EVO-K Remix), Paranoid, Forbidden, Hooked, Aerosmith ft. Run DMC - Walk This Way (official EVO-K remix), Wet 'N' Wild, Call Of Ancient Love, Mongolia Revolution 2071
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